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BitmapBooks SEO Case Study - ZORACOMMERCE

BitmapBooks SEO Case Study

Donte Ennis
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Project Overview:

BitmapBooks initially approached us in 2018 looking for a quote on helping them fix up a few of the on-page issues that the owner identified and look further into what was holding them back. They just came out of a bad relationship with another agency and they were ready for a change, looking for the best agency that specializes in eCommerce SEO.
After consulting them, our team decided to take on the project, which was at the time not bringing in much traffic outside of the UK and had a relatively under-developed domain.
12 months later, the store is netting nearly 3,000 monthly visitors from the UK, USA and Canada. And did we mention they sell pixel art books? (A pretty narrow niche).
BitmapBooks after a year-long campaign with ZORA Commerce
BitmapBooks site profile in AHREFS after a year-long campaign with ZORA Commerce

The Results:

  • USD $110,000 Search Revenue in 2019
  • 3,700 monthly website visitors
  • Clean & healthy SEO foundation + strong backlink profile
  • And it’s still growing…

How Did We Do It?

The biggest challenge at the time was the fact that BitmapBooks had a lot of backlinks inbound that just didn’t relate to the content that it served…topically or even by niche of business. This meant that we had to try and selectively clean up the profile, without doing TOO MUCH cleaning as that would put us at risk of getting sandboxed and stalling the entire campaign.

In addition to this, we implemented a majority of the on-site fixes both in the technical and content departments to make sure that the site aligns well with the best-practices when it comes to having a healthy and clean SEO foundation for your eCommerce store.

BitmapBooks backlink profile after our campaign
After we engaged in content marketing, we were able to increase the number of high influence links while gradually scaling the number of referring domains

Once our team had made sure that everything on the site is practically “spotless,” it was time to move on to a full-steam-ahead content marketing initiative.

For this initiative our team would focus on 3 core types of backlinks:

  1. Foundational links (profiles, high DA properties) – these links serve as an “undercarriage” to make sure that your site has enough backbone for the more powerful links that come with content marketing or an outreach initiative.
  2. Content marketing links – we focused on re-purposing the wealth of content the site already had, which was centered largely around the products. The existing content mentioned a lot of specifics / information that could be used to develop further marketing collateral. The repurposed media was then shared across various media-distribution networks and platforms. This allowed us to further buff up the profile and stack on some domain authority in the process.
  3. PR & Outreach – By this point many of our keywords had already moved up and quite a few were reaching Page 1, or were hanging around the top of Page 2. This meant that we were in the right place to start targeting individual high-value keywords and optimize the inbound anchors accordingly. Our team rolled out an outreach campaign to acquire powerful contextual links from very relevant blogs and we managed to secure a few very high profile links in the process. Ultimately, this allowed us to push a few of the high-value keywords we had prioritized up to the top of Page 1, which resulted in a domino effect of rising rankings, as Google got more information about user behavior from this keyword-range on the site itself.


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